my roots as an artist

I decided at age four that I was meant to be an artist. As a child I used to bring my pastels and pad to Rockport, where my Uncle Martin Ahearn lived across the street from the sea, and I sketched seascapes.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Certificate in Interactive Multimedia. For many years I worked a graphic designer and computer and traditional animator for print, web and video.

For a number of years now I have returned to my fine arts roots have been painting in watercolors and acrylics. I am primarily a realist, which for me means trying to reflect the beauty of Creation. I work to capture the light and 3-dimensional volume of my subject. My work is also known for its colorful and textural qualities. I will take on almost any subject which appeals to me… including but not limited to landscape, architecture, still life, animals and people.

More recently I have created works which are more abstract in nature, combining realistic elements with abstract ones, poured and dripped paint and typography.

I have taken classes from a couple of beloved teachers to whom I am very grateful. I have also dipped my toe into Chinese Calligraphy and Painting with a couple of wonderful, expert teachers. This has informed my drawing with the brush, as it requires getting things right the first time. There are NO do-overs in Chinese painting on rice paper.

I live in Arlington, Massachusetts and am a member of the Painters Guild of LexArt in Lexington, Mass. My work is regularly shown in juried shows, which has included the New England Watercolor Society’s North American Open.

About me
Janis Wisniewski
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA