watercolors by Janis Wisniewski
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Still Life Paintings

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"Shell Collecting" "Mussels"

"Shell Collecting"

Clam and scallop shells, starfish and other shells cascade out of a basket onto the sand. A conch shell is half-hidden behind. 15" x 11"


An extreme close-up of mussel shells and seaweed nestled iin the sand by the ebbing tide. Light and dark colors are created from a range of luminescent colors. 15" x 11"

"Glass Alley" "Fish Float"

"Glass Alley"

A nostalgic still life of milk bottles, marbles and balls. Pale neutral colors play off of the rainblow of brights and their reflections. I think it harkens back to childhoods of not-so-long ago.

"Fish Float"

This is the kind of float fishermen used to use but is now foud mainly in antique stores. The wood shingles are built up in multi-colors. 15" x 11"

"Symmetry/Asymmetry" "Winter Splendor"


I enjoy the challenge of painting light coming through glass, in this case a vase by Alvar Aalto, bending the appearance of the stems and colors behind it. Part of the challenge here was to capture the reflection as well as the shadow on the table.

"Winter Splendor"

The flowers of the Christmas cactus are such interestings forms. The plant in real life is small and unimpressive, but in this 22 x 15" painting it is larger than life. I was experimenting with pigments that when combined are very luminous.

"Beachcomber's Bounty" "Garden Riot"

"Beachcomber's Bounty"

I really felt like I was "in the zone" while painting
this, working very quickly. I used only four colors
of paint. 15" x 11"

"Garden Riot"

I photographed these peonies and stargazer
lilies outside under dappled light. My favorite part
is the shadows on the white petals. 15" x 11"

"Buoys on the Breeze" "The Bird of Paradise Vase"

"Buoys on the Breeze"

The buoys were painted inthe studio. The post and background are entirely imagined. 11" x 15"

"The Bird-of-Paradise Vase"

This vase is from my collection of mid-century McCoy pottery. I like the single glaze colors over raised designs. 11" x 15"

"Stoneware Sonata" "ANGEL ORNAMENT"

"Stoneware Sonata"

This painting has a lot of bright colors, notably oranges and purples, balanced by the whites. 11" x 15"

"Angel Ornament"

A straight-sided vase of glass ornaments with a blown-glass angel in front. 11" x 15"

Buoy Diptych

:Buoys" Diptych

Buoys dangle from ropes that recede into the distance in this diptych. PRIVATE COLLECTION.



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Favorite Green Tip

Compact fluourescent lightbulbs are a great way to save energy and money. Be sure you are happy with the color of the light, which can be "soft white" or my preferred "day light." Then stick with the type you know. They last 5 years, which is a long time to live with a mistake, such as bright orange light in your room.